Life is a journey.

I consider it an honor that you have come to join me for a portion of my journey, and I invite you to walk by my side.

Please know, however, that our paths are likely not destined to remain together forever.  So, we shall enjoy the time that we have together.  And should you pull ahead of me, please know that I will be cheering you on.  Should you fall behind me, please know that I am leaving markers as I go in the hopes that we shall meet again further down the road.

No matter where you are headed, keep focused on your destination.  While there is no shame in remembering where you started, you must keep your eyes on where you want to be.

~ PlumGraced


Check this out...

If you are personally, or know someone who is, affected by obesity, I have a site that I would like for you to check out.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is an organization out there on a daily basis fighting against weight bias and for health care coverage for obesity and obesity-related medical issues.

Check them out!