Chin Up!

Monday, just before noon, I was running across the street to pick up lunch for one of my attorneys.  As I was headed over, I was looking down at the ground and I reminded myself of Merrill Littleberry’s talk in one of the sessions at this year’s Your Weight Matters annual convention in New Orleans.

She was talking about how its hard to be happy and excited while looking down, and she demonstrated how silly it looked walking across the stage with her head down while verbalizing how excited she was, what a beautiful day it is, etc.  The crowd laughed.  Then, in counterpoint, she demonstrated how it was also incongruous to try walking with your eyes to the sky and talking down about things.

But as I was headed to grab lunch, I was thinking how, sometimes, we may need the focus of watching where we’re stepping.

Sometimes the path may be rocky or slippery and in order to safely navigate, we need to watch where we’re planting our feet.

But I think it’s really about finding the balance.

I thought back on the numerous half marathons I’ve walked, and it struck me that the going seemed a bit easier… the burden a bit lighter… when I put my focus in the distance.

But sometimes I also had to look down and just concentrate on taking that next step, making it those next few feet, etc.  Since I am a walker, out of courtesy I always stay to the right of the course.  Sometimes that means hugging the curb.  So sometimes it’s important that I pay attention to where I’m placing my feet so that I don’t step on the edge of the pavement and potentially twist my ankle, etc.

So, while focusing on the horizon helps you get where you’re going, don’t forget that sometimes you also have to look down, see where you are, and figure out the best way to navigate your here and now.


30. August 2017 by PlumGraced
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Thoughts From the Inside

On August 9, 2017, I headed to New Orleans for the 2017 Your Weight Matters annual convention.  This was their 6th year, and I have been to all of them.

Please take a moment to read about my experience this year.  When you’re done, please let me know what you think!

My YWM2017 Story: Thoughts from the Inside – “You Just Have to be You”


27. August 2017 by PlumGraced
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